Tolkien inspired rangers and medieval / viking reenactors are welcome to join host org Rangers of the North in a fun filled weekend of “ranger” inspired camping and activities with a focus on archery. Join us at the Kawartha Traditional Archery Center in Ontario Canada, June 5th – 7th for Medieval camping, fireside feasting and days filled with archery and live steel sparring.

Continue reading this page for all the information you will need for Rangermoot 2020 …


COST: $50 per adult human over the age of 15

All participants must be pre-registered before they arrive. Individuals or entire organizations can register by filling out the form on the home page. After registration, a member of the Rangers will be in contact to confirm your information and answer any questions you might have.

Event fees are payable at the KTA pro shop upon sign-in. All participants must sign in at the pro shop before participating at the event.


The event will be held at the Kawartha Traditional Archery Center just west of the southern Ontario Kawartha lakes region. The nearest major town is Lindsay Ontario, just east of the center.

KTA is located at 3123 Elm Tree Rd. Woodville, On.

Elm Tree Rd. is west of Lindsay by approximately 5 minutes intersecting with highway #7

Kawartha Traditional Archery is approximately 10 minutes north of hwy. #7 and approximately 5 minutes north of the small hamlet of Cambray.

If you are coming from the north, we are about 1 minute south of Glen Arm Rd. which runs from hwy. # 35


Camping Areas: There will be two camping areas, one modern for nylon tents and one period encampment for canvas tenting.

Fire Pits: There will be monitored fire pits for shared cooking and mess groups in the period camping area. There are no fires permitted in the modern camping area but camp stoves are permitted.

Water: Note that KTA does not have running water for participants. Please bring your own fresh water supply.

Garbage & Waste: Please leave it better than you found it. All participants will have to carry out your garbage. KTA is in a rural area and we do not wish to encumber the owners with our waste. Please bring trash bags and be prepared to truck out your garbage


There will be lists for controlled medieval sparring for trained and armoured individuals under approved HEMA marshals.

All fighting participants must provide their own weapons, armour and have them inspected and approved by the list marshal before play. Deed participants must have third party liability insurance.


This event will specialize in archery! KTA has a full target archery course, pro shop and practice range! So bring your medieval bows and field point arrows as there will be so much archery you won’t ever be bored.

In addition, the Rangers of the North will be running a “Ranger Run” contest on the archery course testing the speed and accuracy of aspiring rangers.

KTA has also kindly offered to teach a short workshop on shooting!


For an additional cost, Saturday night will feature a medieval period pot luck cook off with a variety of dishes and good cheer!

Note: participants are responsible for all meals aside form the Saturday feast. Saturday feast costs will be determined at a later date based on the number of participants.